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Saturday, 11 August 2018

Marketing Plan AI Trade

We recommend that you contract with level 2 BTC or higher plan. As contract fee is dollar denominated, so you should invest once in the first.

Regarding compensation

There are direct introduction bonus, joint introduction bonus, binary bonus, matrix bonus, update bonus as well as trade benefits of AI Trade.

This is detail part:

 1. Passive bonus  

All company partners can open 1 or more agreements that are valid for 1 year from the date of the AI first launch.  If one agreement profit for all sources of income exceeds its value by 5 times, this agreement is terminated and you have to open another agreement to continue trading.   

The value of each newly opened agreement is equal to or greater than that of the previous one. The number of agreements is not limited.  

AI Trade with robot AI

Based on the agreement maximum one-off value in the system, you are assigned a level on which your profit depends. (That is, if you have one agreement for 0.5 BTC and the second one for 0.7 BTC, you still remain at the first level, until you open one agreement worth at least 1 BTC).  

  • LVL 1: agreement value 0.01-0.99 BTC; daily profit from 0.01 to 0.30%; agreement software price $49.99  

  • LVL 2: agreement value1.00-2.99 BTC; daily profit from 0.01 to 0.32%; agreement software price $99.99  

  • LVL 3: agreement value 3.00-4.99 BTC; daily profit from 0.01 to 0.35%; agreement software price $149.99 

  • LVL 4: agreement value 5.00 BTC and above; daily profit from 0.01 to 0.40%; agreement software price $199.99   

Rewards are credited daily to the AI wallet, 7 days a week. The company does not charge any additional fees for trading or other sources of income during the term of the agreement – you receive remuneration in full.  

Types of commissions

Withdrawal of funds from the wallet is possible at any time (to be developed). Withdrawal fee is 13%.  

You also have the opportunity to activate the automatic reinvestment option, which allows you to add profit obtained from trading to the opened agreement value within 80 days after the first launch of the AI.  By enabling this option, you get more profit from your agreements. 

Note: agreement becomes valid only after 7 days following its conclusion. In other words, next Monday, after 7 days, you can run AI.  

2. The fee for direct referrals  

You receive commission for each agreement opened by a user that you have personally invited. The percentage of the bonus depends on your level in the system. 

LVL 1: 8%  LVL 2: 9%   LVL 3: 10%    LVL 4: 11%  

The more users you invite, the more bonuses you get. Unite and earn together!  

3. The reward for indirect referral  

Indirect referral

A partner who invites two participants into the system, who, in turn, have opened at least one agreement each, automatically participates in the reward program for indirect referrals. This reward depends on your level in the system.  

LVL 1: generation 2, 3-2% upon each opened agreement. 

LVL 2: generation 2, 3 - 2% upon each opened agreement; generation 4, 5 - 1% upon each opened agreement.

LVL 3: generation 2, 3 - 2% upon each opened agreement; generation 4, 5 - 1% upon each opened agreement; generation 6, 7 - 1% upon each opened agreement.

LVL 4: generation 2, 3-2% upon each opened agreement; generation 4, 5 - 1% upon each opened agreement; generation 6, 7 - 1% upon each opened agreement; generation 8, 9 - 1% upon each opened agreement; generation 10-2% upon each opened agreement.

4. Binary bonus  

All invited partners are arranged sequentially in the left or right leg with the possibility to choose one (the system has a function that allows you to set the automatic distribution towards left/right leg or towards the one that is "weaker").  

Binary bonus  

You get 10% of the binary fee from the smaller team BTC volume. The maximum payout depends on the amount of your opened agreements, but cannot exceed 20 BTC per day.   

Note: to receive a binary bonus you need to have one personally invited partner in the left leg and one personally invited partner in the right leg.  

5. Matrix bonus  

There is matrix 3x15 in AI Trade (i.e. there are 3 places under you at the 1​ st​ level, 9 – at the 2​ nd​, 27 – at the 3​ rd​, etc.). Partners are automatically arranged from left to right and activated in the system after the Commission Wallet profit reaches 0.25 BTC.   

For each active partner, you receive a bonus of 0.001 BTC per month (charged on the 1​ st day of each month). It applies to the number of generations, which depends on your level (LVL 1: 5 generations; LVL2: 7 generations; LVL3: 10 generations; LVL4: 15 generations).  

For matrix activation, the system writes off commission (1​ st​ time - when the required commission only profit amount is reached, subsequent times – on the last day of the month), which depends on your level (LVL 1: 0.01 BTC; LVL 2: 0.015 BTC; LVL 3: 0.020 BTC; LVL 4: 0.025 BTC)  

Note: the matrix displays only those partners who have earned 0.25 BTC in commissions.  

6. Agreements renewal bonus  

When your team partner opens a new or renews an old agreement, all team partners receive all commissions again, according to the system level.  

Additionally: Withdrawals will be implemented around September 1, 2018.   

Remember: if you have any questions you can always contact our support team. You can access our support team from your personal account.   

Expand your structure and watch as you achieve new financial heights and technological progress!  

Here is a video that shows you how to make a BTC withdrawal on a Blockchain wallet.

Withdraw money from Aitrades

Thank you for choosing “AI”. 

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