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Thursday, 9 August 2018

Aitrades registration guide

AI Trade is an innovative technology of artificial intelligence. This is an invention that maximizes the profit of highly volatile virtual currency.


AI trade software is licensed in Estonia, an advanced IT country in the world.

There is also an affiliate program, so if you become a contract from the introduction link you can also get a commission of 8% to 11% depending on your contract level.

September 1, 2018 - Grand Open (150 countries in the world)

Even if you do not have an introduction bonus etc, you can operate it by yourself only.

Let's grasp the wave with good timing before the Grand Open!

#AiTrade #BitcoinATM

If you register according to the manual below, you can start AI Trade immediately without an introducer!

Click here to register now:

Enter your email, First name, Last name and Enter Password twitce.

If the introducer code is blank, enter "AITRADESTOP" and sign up.
Enter "AITRADESTOP" and sign up

Your account will be automatically activated.
Login and supplement Bitcoin for account.
Make an operation contract.

If you are accustomed to investing in virtual currency, the above flow will end in approximately 5 minutes or so.

Please participate quickly, start up AI, and experience the trade profit easily!

Just click the RUNNING button on "0: 00 ~ 23: 59" every Monday!

Benefit operation can be easily done simply by setting "automatic reinvestment" to "include" on the contract screen.

Not only single interest of trading profit but also bonus fee can be added to principal to further increase.

Click here to register now!

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